Both Renee and Bob include ongoing stand alone classes that are great for every experience level.  Classes are frequently held on Tuesday nights. Frequently classes explore associated subjects like crystals, smudging, spiritualism and many unique subjects. Along with a vigorious teaching schedule, Bob and Renee provide herb walks, lectures and seminars around the Tampa Bay region as well as conferences and other schools throughout the US.


Traditions School of Herbal Studies combines the talents of two gifted teachers with their long practiced traditional Medicines. Both teachers have emersed themselves in nature, health and healing since they were young children. Now, as adults, they have formalized their study and practice of natural healing arts. 

Traditions School of Herbal Studies

Renee Prince's classes focus on foundational family and community herbalism with an emphasis on bioregionalism.  These classes are great for the total novice or the people with more experience. Classes are a progression and require homework to advance. Beginning of clinical experience.  Classes are both in the classroom and in the field. Hands on medicine making and so much more to give a great, well rounded introduction to the world of herbal medicine. 

Learn how becoming a clinical herbalist will allow you a variety of opportunities along with the knowledge base to expand your reach into the field of integrated Chinese & Western herbalism.

The Professional Herbalists Training Program in St. Petersburg, Florida, now in its 8th year, offers one of the few herbal training programs in the US with a supervised, hands-on intern clinic. This two year program is designed to prepare students to work as clinical herbalists.

Students access the on-site Chinese and western herbal pharmacy with more than 800 crude herbs, powders, tinctures and pre-made formulas. Herbalists will be able to reference our over 400 volume herbal library and periodicals.

The program starts in November and meets one weekend a month for lectures and in February begins the Wednesday night intern clinic. The program is designed and taught by doctors of Oriental Medicine, professional members of the American Herbalists Guild and highly trained herbalists. Please see the links below to learn more information on how to register.

Western Herbalism 101 
This weekend intensive course provides students with the education abilities and hands on experience to advance them in the use of more than 25 herbs for practical self-care. Learn how to incorporate herbal medicine practices into a healing daily life. Learn about bioregionalism, a short history of western herbalism, and how to make your own herbal preparations including tisanes, tinctures, and medicinal herbal recipes. Leave the weekend with basic usable knowledge and a core curriculum that will allow you to explore your own healing and herbal expression. Resources, extra “home study”, and suggested curriculum book list provided.

The Foundation of Western Herbalism
The Foundations of Western Herbalism curriculum is designed to immerse both the beginner and intermediate herbalist into the basic knowledge needed to provide herbal care for themselves and their family. This program covers a full range of educational opportunities from working hands on with a strong western herbal materia medica to the theory behind holistic, bioregional, herbal living. It covers basic botany, wild crafting, cultivation, processing and storage, medicine making, human physiology, therapeutics and first aid. In addition to these fundamental principles the core curriculum will expand on herbal beauty products, essential oil, and plant spirit medicine and communication. Our overall goal is to educate the student on traditional herbal practices of thousands of years, that span many cultures and healing practices. In doing this we provide a grounded, well rounded western herbal program to evolve and take into the student’s home and community. 

The 4 full weekend classes,  one weekend a month course designed to prepare you to treat yourself, your family and your friends. This course covers more than 100 herbs and education in medicine making all the way to client intake. $1000 Payment plans available

Topics Include:

Materia Medica
Medicine making & lab
Anatomy, physiology & body systems
Herbal Actions /Formulations
Tonics,Adaptogens and Nervines
Field Botany, Side Walk Medicine and Plant Identification
Growing Plant Medicine –Bioregionalim,Cultivation,Tools and Biodynamics
Nutrition and Wellness Planning
Aromatherapy and Flower Remedies
Ethnobotany, Western Herbal History
Natural Skin and beauty Care

Western Herbal Energetics
Activism and Eco-Responsibility
Plant Spirit Medicine
Men’s and Women’s Health
Home Emergency and First aid
Treating Under Served or Chronic communities : auto immune cancer aids MS lyme

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