"My first class was the Herbs for Pets class. My boy-Skeeter, a Manx Siamese mix had been diagnosed with asthma. My vet is an East/West vet so we had been trying Chinese Herbs but if they don’t take it then it just will not work. About a year into his diagnosis Traditions popped up on my screen. For the most part he did great on the recipe I came up with and the vet approved. Skeets lived until last October. From there I delved into Western Herbs for people health. I will eternally be grateful for Bob and Renee’s teachings and kindness. I love that they include a practicum/internship and that we are able to serve the community through the internship." - Ann F., Clinical Western Herbalism Graduate 

"The Western Herbalism course is  fantastic for anyone wanting to learn more about herbs or to become a practicing herbalist. Renee Cozier weaves her stories, love and knowledge of herbs into a engaging, hands on experience that will leave you yearning for more. Her partner, Dr. Bob Linde is ever present lending another layer of incredible experience to make this school a true treasure in Florida." - Kim C., Western Herbalism student

"Over the last decade through my involvement with the American Herbalists Guild and other observations about the field, I’ve come to realize that Traditions School of Herbal Studies is not just one of the best in the region. It’s one of the best in the country. A big reason is the student clinic. Helping clients over time to achieve often dramatic changes in their health, I learned invaluable skills about not only working with herbs, but also with the sometimes challenging people who can be transformed by them. Student clinic is where the book and classroom knowledge hits the ground running in real life circumstances, and is an opportunity not available at many schools. This is where the teaching came alive and changed my life as a practitioner." - Jamey K., Clinical Chinese Herbalism graduate

"There is so much to be gained from attending these classes. I learn so much every time I step foot into the classroom. The material is very thorough and relevant. Bob & Renee are two of the most in-tune beings I know, and they care so much. The community of people you will meet at these classes is an added bonus. I look forward to continuing to grow through this school." - Sarah N., Western Herbalism student

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Renee Crozier and Dr. Bob Linde are industry-leading experts in their field. Their mastery of Chinese and Western Herbalism is a gift to the collective. They are passionate about educating future herbalists and the community at large about flora, herbalism and energetics, among many other helpful holistic topics. As respected speakers, educators and practitioners, they offer a harmonious, multi-faceted curriculum that incorporates science, lineage, body, mind and soul.

As a registered herbalist and life-long practitioner, Renee has an innate ability to balance Western herbalism, clinical practice, holistic healing, bioregional flora, oral tradition and ancestry lineage. Her love for fauna and flora combined with her passion for community, education and energetics are inspiring.
Dr. Bob is also a registered herbalist as well as a licensed acupuncture physician; his intelligent and practical approach to clinical practice and education, including health and wellness, provides clients and students with impressive access to Chinese plant medicine knowledge and its teachings.

Renee and Dr. Bob have opened a new level of flora and energetics’ consciousness for me, which has shifted paradigms and created a new, brighter future. Whether you seek a consultation or wish to learn more about plants/herbalism and wellness, I encourage you to visit their clinic and apothecary, or attend one of their wonderful classes and events. I am confident that Traditions School of Herbal Studies will provide you with new perspectives and connections with nature." - Moses L., Advanced Western Herbalism student

"The classes here are so informative, the owners are so knowledgeable about several different types of alternative medicine. They grow alot of the fresh ingredients they sell in the own garden!" - ​Brandi O. Student

​"Changed my life! Connected me with a community of like minds, plants, and a wealth of wisdom. Thank you ♡" - Kelli F.,​ Student and Permaculture Designer for the gardens

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