Anatomy for the Herbalist Lecture Series 

Thursdays, 6 - 8 pm

In-person or Online


Join us for a crash course in Anatomy and Physiology, broken down system by system, in addition to common disorders. If you've never taken Anatomy before, need to brush up for your Foundations Class, or are just in need of a refresher, these classes are for you! This course is taught and designed by an experienced Anatomy/Health Sciences Teacher and an Herbalist.

January 20 - Reproductive System

February 24 - Medical Terminology

March 24 - Blood/Heart

April 14 - Nervous System

May 12 - Endocrine System

June 9 - Digestive System

July 14 - Immune and Lymphatic Systems

August 4 - Urinary System

September 15 - Cardiovascular System

October 6 - Muscular System

November 10 - Skeletal System

December 8 - Respiratory System



Spiritual Cooking 

Cooking with Foraged Foods

Purchase the recording and handouts! 


Using your bioregional plants to create delicious, nutritious medicinal meals. 


​​Ayurvedic Herbs and Traditions Series 

Thursdays, 6 -8 pm ~ $30 In-person or $25 Virtual

Join us for this series where we will explore the beautiful tools and traditions of the world's oldest medicine: Ayurveda.

If you are attending in person, please bring 2 - 4 oz jars with you to class. If you are attending virtually, you will not receive the supplies that are received in class.

January 6 - Ayurvedic Daily and Seasonal Tools & Rituals      Virtual option                

February 3 -   The Reproductive System herbs                                     Virtual Option

March 3 - The Integumentary System herbs                                        Virtual Option

April 7 - The Nervous System and Brain Health herbs                        Virtual Option

May 5 - The Endocrine System herbs                                                     Virtual Option

June 2 - The Digestive System herbs                                                     Virtual Option

July 7 - The Immune and Lymphatic System herbs                          Virtual Option

September 1 - Intro to Ayurveda     - FREE!                                               Virtual Option

Send Name, Email, and phone # to to register!

October 13 - Ayurvedic Daily and Seasonal Tools & Rituals      Virtual Option

November 3 - Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking                          Virtual Option

December 1 - The Subtle Body: An Ayurvedic Perspective on Energy, Chakras, and Prana

                                                                                                             Virtual Option     



Medicine Making Circle Series

Thursdays 6-8 pm and/or Fridays 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

In Person or Online


Join us once per month for an herbal circle in which we will spotlight an herb using a sensory experience. Taste herbal extractions, prepare recipes, and explore the seasonal elements of herbs! If you would like to attend virtually, please register at least one week in advance in order for your herbs to arrive in time. You may pay the shipping fee here.

Please bring 2 pint size jars to each class to bring home your formulas.

Thursday, January 27 - Cinnamon

Thursday, February 17 - Ginger

Friday, March 25 - Violet

Thursday, April 21 - Dandelion

Thursday, May 26 - Rosemary

Friday, June 24 - Plantain

Thursday, July 21 - Rose

Thursday, August 25 - Mint

Friday, September 23 - Passion Flower

Thursday, October 27 - Hawthorn

Thursday, November 17 - Goldenrod

​Friday, December 16Sage

16th Annual Herb Day!

Saturday, May 7th

10 am - 4pm

Please join us for this FREE international event as we share our approaches of using herbs as food, medicine, beauty products, and even crafts. The day will include vendors, food, music, and lectures by your favorite local herbalists and students!

Introduction to Flower Essence 

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Learn basics of preparation, application, and formulation of flowers essence. 

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Herb Drug Interactions
Friday, May 13th
6 - 8 pm

We are once again excited to offer this FREE class on Herbal Safety. We will talk about preventing herb and drug interactions, quality control, nutritional depletion and even touch on the idea of positive herb and drug interactions. This class is perfect for the general public and a must have for every herb and acupuncture student.

To register, please email, and include your name, email, and phone number. Please indicate whether you would like to attend in person or via Zoom. You MUST register ahead of time. Space in person is limited.

Culinary Herbalism
Friday, June 10
6:30 - 8 pm

Join us as we host Vanessa Berenstein, MA, RD, CDN for a FREE hour long class, followed by a half hour signing of her new book, Medicinal Kitchen. You will review 5 main clinical actions that can be applied to your daily diet, explore culinary uses of tasty Western herbs, and Discuss Vitalist energetics to support pairing foods & herbs. Books will be available for purchase from the author. 

To register, please email, and include your name, email, and phone number. Please indicate whether you would like to attend in person or via Zoom. You MUST register ahead of time. Space in person is limited.

Crystal Basics 

Purchase the recording and handouts! 

Learn the basic properties and uses of common crystals and why they are important for healing and medicine. 

Classes will be held online and in-person. Masks are encouraged for in-person attendance.