Advanced/Clinical Western Herbalist Program


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Based in St. Petersburg, FL, Renee Crozier RH(AHG) has been practicing herbalism and traditional healing for over 20 years. Her family has lived in Florida for four generations and continues to live off the land here today. She is a protector of plants and indigenous traditions. This program was designed to immerse students in herbal studies through weekend intensives and a supervised, hands-on intern clinic every Tuesday evening. Traditions School of Herbal Studies offers one of the few herbal training programs in the US that guarantees hands-on clinical experience during your enrollment.

Students have access to our on-site Chinese and Western apothecary, which has more than 500 crude herbs, powders, tinctures, and pre-made formulas available. Herbalists-in-training will also have the ability to reference our herbal library, which consists of over 400 texts from both the Eastern and Western tradition. With this program, students have the chance to advance at their own pace through independent study, homework assignments, and herb walks offered throughout the year. Students attend once monthly weekend intensives for eight months and, begin taking part in our Tuesday night clinic. This program has been designed by highly trained herbalists, and prepares students for professional clinical practice upon its completion.

Curriculum includes:
Botany for Herbalists
Herbal Actions & Energetics
The Ethics of Herbalism
Advanced Herbal Preparation
Plant Spirit Medicine
Overnight Field Study
Ethical Wildcrafting Practices
Barefoot Doctoring
Upon completion of this program, students professionally see clients, design herbal formulas, and more. Students learn the skills to create their own product lines, work with established herbal companies, consult with other healthcare providers, and help friends and family with lifelong wellness.  The fields of herbalism and natural healthcare are expanding rapidly, and more opportunities arise every day!


Pay in Full: $1,800 (save 10%!) or Monthly Payment Plan: $250

Tuition cost does not include the $100 Administration Fee or $200 Clinic Fee

1. APPLICATION: Fill out Application Here
2. ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: After completing the application, please submit the $100 non-refundable HERE

3. INTERVIEW: Please call the clinic at (727) 551-0857 to schedule a brief interview with Renee


$200 for the year: PAY HERE

OR two payment installments of $100 PAY HERE

Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth by Sharol Tilgner
(Students are welcome to purchase the book directly from Traditions).

STUDENT CLINIC: The intern clinic is every Tuesday evening from 6-10pm beginning in January. Requesting time off is permitted and must be submitted at least two weeks in advance and approved by administration.

2020 CLASS SCHEDULE  (2021 dates coming soon): 
January 11-12 : Introduction to Professional + Clinical Herbalism
February 15-16: Indigenous Healing
March 21-22: Overnight Field Study (Camping Trip)*
April 11-12: Introduction to Botany*
May 2-3: Herb Day/Canoe Trip

July 11-12: Barefoot Doctoring*

August 29-30: Vitamins & Minerals*

September 12-13: Medicine Making*

October 10:  Graduation   

* Indicates classes combined with the Chinese program.

Now Accepting Applications 

Next Session Starts January 2021 

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Students are required to display a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum as well as sufficient clinical practice. In order to graduate as a Clinical Western Herbalist, attendance is mandatory at ALL 8 Advanced classes, ALL 6 Foundations intensives, and Western Herbalism 101. Attendance and participation of over 75% of student clinics qualifies students for graduation as a Clinician.

The $100 administrative fee due upon registering for the program is non-refundable.
Cancelling up to three days prior to class, refunds are available with a 5% deduction, or payment is transferable to future classes. 
Cancelling after the first class: 50% of total tuition is refundable.
Cancelling after the second class: 25% of total tuition is refundable.
After the third class, there are no refunds given and the total sum of tuition is due in full – even if all classes are not completed.

 PAY IN FULL $1800 (Save 10%)

2020 MONTHLY CLASS PAYMENTS $250 (total $2,000): For enrolled students only. 

  1. January 11-12: Submit payment here 
  2. February 15-16:Submit payment here 
  3. March 21-22: Submit payment here 
  4. April 11-12: Submit payment here 
  5. May 2-3: Submit payment here 
  6. July 11-12:Submit payment here 
  7. August 29-30: Submit payment here 
  8. September 12-13:Submit payment here 
  9. October 10th GRADUATION!

Dates subject to change